Monday, February 14, 2011

Grading your Tests

I've been grading your tests, and it is clear that while a number of you did very well on the matching, some of you have not. I can accept that there can be confusion on matching sections, but remember that these terms all appeared on the blog, greatly narrowing down the terms that you needed to know for the exam.

In the future, here is a tip: If you see a word among the selections that you don't remember from the blog, it is probably not going to be a correct answer. I put these in there for people who don't study, and frankly, for my own entertainment. Now some of you did very well - I think a reflection of reading and studying. Congrats! For the rest of you, we need to know whether or not you missed these because your study methods are insufficient.

But without further ado:

"Raja Miripuri" is actually my neighbor, Shawn Miripuri, who while Indian and a fantastic neighbor, has not to my knowledge ever been a Mughal leader. "King" Juan Vald├Ęz might ring a bell if you remember these following commercials:

I just plain made up "Giuseppe the Navigator" because it seemed like fun, as well as "The Great Restoration" and the "Treaty of Elba." I don't think anybody used these these terms in a place where I thought someone might think it appropriate, which really confused me.

And "pokkelijder" means something along the lines of "pox sufferer" in Dutch, which in the greater scheme of Dutch profanity is apparently a terrible insult.  "Lufka Humma" is the Natchez princess immortalized in the Grandissimes by Louisiana writer George Washington Cable.

Pepe Lopez is a brand of tequila, but since we know none of you are old enough to drink, that might have confused you.  Emiliano Zapata might have been easy to confuse for Father Hidalgo, but, of course, he wasn't one of your terms. Moreover, Zapata was a full century later than Hidalgo in Mexico's dramatic revolutionary history.

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