Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 17: terms and review questions

What motivated Canadians to expand westward and how did these motivations compare and contrast with those that animated Brazilians?

How did the Germans forge a united nation? What problems did they encounter?

How did Africa's national boundaries come into being?

How did the Japanese under the Meiji Restoration attempt to reinvigorate national pride and unity?

What spurred the Japanese to conquer lands in mainland Asia? How was this similar to Britain?

How did the Russian Empire differ economically from Britain and Japan? How was it the same? How did the differenes lead to economic problems?

How did China's efforts and modernization differ from those of Japan? Why?

Social Darwinism
India & "home charges"
Emperor Menelik II
Henry Morton Stanley
New Orientalism (p. 749)
Commodore Perry
Meiji Restoration
Self-Strengthening Movement

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