Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 15 terms

In your textbook:

For Chapter 15, you should be able to explain the differences in the way the age of revolution played out in these following places:

Spanish South America
Haiti (San Domingue)
British North America (the USA)
The Ottoman Empire

How did the elimination of the international slave trade affect Africa?

How did Opium transform China's relationship with the West, and in what way did this parallel India's experience? How was India's and China's relationship with the West differ?

You should know the basic series of events having to do with the French Revolution.

Why was Free Trade so good for Britain and not so wonderful for a lot of other places?

Some terms:

Estates General
National Assembly
The Terror
Congress of Vienna
Pedro I of Brazil
Hidalgo and Morelos
palm oil
Muhammad Ali
Orientalism (and its rise and fall in India)

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