Monday, January 24, 2011

The Many Diffusions of the Old World into the New

Today we are going to look at the many manifestations of European contact with North America - both for the way that the Europeans changed the Americas and the other way around.

Some of the institutions we will cover today include:

Indentured servitude
The emergence of North American Slavery
The notion of freedom and individual liberty versus class hierarchy
The spread of ideas
Commodity and the changing of the North American Indians

An ad offering indentured servants

An ad offering a reward for runaway indentured servants.

A really cool link to a database of indentured servants from the Virtual Jamestown Project.

Bacon's Castle in Virginia

A list of those executed in the wake of Bacon's Rebellion.

A hatchet head, the world's most useful survival tool, imported by 100,000 to North America.

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