Monday, April 11, 2011

The End of a Hot War, the Beginning of a Cold One

The Germans had been working on some pretty impressive weapons systems. None with more ramifications for the Cold War than the V2 Rocket:

The partitioning of Germany

The Berlin Airlift marked an important turning point in the Cold War. It also marked the moment when Berlin became a focal point for international Cold War intrigue for the next forty years. Think about this "news" reel in the context of propaganda. How important was mass media in the Cold War? We'll be returning to that idea.

The postwar fate of Vietnam has everything to do with the global gambit of the Cold War:

And in 1949, China goes Red.

As the Soviets took hold of the Eastern Bloc, not everybody was keen on the idea. In 1956, the Hungarians revolted against being part of the "buffer zone" for the Soviet Union. Again, think of the propaganda on display here:

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